Thursday, February 28, 2013


One of my neighbours have a fig tree on their backyard and apparently it's fig season at the moment.

Since they are such lovely people, they gave me heaps of fig fruits... Wow! i love my neighbour :)

I never actually tasted figs but I gave it a go. I found some recipes here and on a cookbook. I modified it a bit using the ingredients i already had on my pantry.

This is one of the fig desserts i made:

Some fresh figs
Ricotta - you just need a small tub. I used half a tub but it's all depending on how many figs you have.
Honey - I used Capilano Honey
Crumbed Walnuts

How to:
1. Combine the ricotta and honey
2. Arrange the figs on a serving plate, serve with a dollop of honey ricotta mixture, sprinkle with crumbed walnuts and drizzles of extra honey.

Note: The original recipe used blue gum honey, pine nuts and extra mixed peel.

Time: less than 5 minutes

Yummy and healthy goodness! What's the latest healthy dessert you made?


  1. Lucky you, I wish my neighbour would have a fig tree. I love them, but they're very expensive over here. They taste good with goat's cheese too!

  2. I adore figs! And this looks amazing :D Lucky you on the free figs, they are so expensive.

  3. I haven't had fresh figs in so long I'd forgotten about ever having them! I knew someone several years ago when I briefly lived in Virginia who had a fig tree. This looks like a very tasty dish!


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