Saturday, March 23, 2013


You know what toddlers are like ...
They are bright little creatures, love to play, messy, yet a lot of fun! And you know what? I have 2 of them at home ... and I love them to bits!

So if you are a bit of a clean-freak mom, these are my top 5 hands-on activities for your little darlings, that are a little or mess-free:

1. Ice age - frozen toy

This is a free, fun activity great for summer season! This was what I did with my boys today. I put little dinosaurs in an ice cube tray filled with water and froze it. I told them "Look boys, it's dinosaur's eggs!"
One of my boys tried to listen to the "egg", to see if it's alive .. it's so funny to see.

2. Slimy Sensory Bag

Whoever invented this is a genius :) Put a hair gel with or without a food colouring in a zip lock bag and tape it to a window. To make it more fun, you can add little things, like in here it's googly eyes. And who doesn't love googly eyes!

3. A Shakey Jar

Fill a jar with water and glitter. I don't have glitter so I simply use foil which I rip to small pieces. I'm actually calling it a shakey jar, because when I do this with my tots, we would sing along and I would go "stop or statue" and we all would stop shaking the jar. It just adds to the fun! :)
But some people call this a calming jar. This is great as well if your little darling is having a tantrum. So you ask him / her to shake the jar and watch it until the glitter completely settles. The time it takes is enough time for your little one to settle their emotions. How clever!

4. Threading pipe cleaners into an upside down colander

5. Mess-free finger painting

Put some paints in a zip-lock bag, put a white piece of paper under it and tape the whole thing with a masking tape.

It's amazing to see how how simple these activities are, yet these will keep our precious tots entertained and help them learn through play.


  1. Replies
    1. I wish i could say i invented all these .. Haha but i did not :) i hope it's useful for all moms out there

  2. brilliant ideas, never seen the colander one before!

    1. I found the colander idea originally from pinterest. And I did it today with my 2 boys and they just loveeed it!

  3. Good idea Mia! I shall try the 1st tip during summer later on.
    thanks for sharing! :)


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