Tuesday, June 25, 2013


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Last weekend I went for lunch with my hubby and 2 boys. When we finished the lunch, we decided to go on our separate ways. My hubby went to do a grocery with the boys (yes .. he's lovely like that) .. and I went to get coffee (it's very important!).

While I was waiting for my coffee, I quickly had a look inside my bag, wanting to check on my mobile phone .. And my heart stopped .. I could not find it!! I took out all the stuffs in my bag like a crazy lady and still I couldn't find my phone. I quickly grabbed my coffees from the barista and ran out the door. (he must had thought I was that desperate for caffeine)

The first place I went to was the restaurant where we had lunch earlier. I checked the table ... it was already spotless clean, and no sign of my phone (gasp!). My heart was racing even faster and drinking the coffee obviously didn't help.

So I thought that maybe my hubby took it with him. So I quickly went to the grocery shop, asked my husband .. and he also didn't have the phone (double gasp!) But he said that he was pretty sure he saw me putting it in my bag.

My heart sank. I couldn't imagine losing my phone! It had become a part of me. It's like I had became so dependent on it. I had saved hundreds of photos (okay, almost 2,000) in my phone and didn't save a backup elsewhere. Those were photos of my hubby, my kids from when they were babies, our family holidays, DIY projects for future blog posts. Not to mention other notes I had written and saved there.

My wise hubby told me important lessons - to backup my photos regularly and to be less ignorant about important things. I admitted I relied so much in my hubby for so many things, especially for techy stuff .. that I sometimes ignored it - thinking that things would be just fine.

So once the grocery's done, we went to the carpark. I still had a small hope that perhaps I left it in the car somewhere. It was nowhere on the seat. Then I remembered that I put a baby bag in the boot. Could it be there? Lo and behold, there was my dear iPhone! Phew ... I firmly held it in my hands and thanked God that I didn't lose it. Lesson's learnt.

This sort of brought me to another thought: Do I have an unhealthy dependency on my phone? I don't know, maybe I do without realizing it...

... but for now, let's back up this phone.


  1. I could react the exact same way if I lost my phone! There are so many important things on that thing! Eeek. Glad you found it ;)


  2. I'm the same way when I lose my phone! I feel so disconnected when I can't find it!
    Glad you found yours and got the photos backed up :)

  3. Glad this story has a happy ending!
    I have most of my important stuff/photos/documents etc. on my computer, and I need to remind myself to back it up on an external harddrive every week or so!
    Also, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog earlier :)

  4. You maybe think I'm weird, I don't like to use handphone even since I was younger. I just use it merely for make a call, make me feel more convenience rather than to use public phone call :). Glad to know your iPhone isn't lost :).

    1. No you're not :) I think it's probably better not to be so attached to it. So good on you :)


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