Saturday, July 13, 2013


I'm a coffee drinker. But recently, a relative of mine gave me some "teh tarik" which is a Malaysian milk tea and they're delicious! It's pretty fascinating the way they make it. The tea maker stretched out their hands to pour the hot tea from a mug into another mug. The higher the pull the thicker the froth.

Today, I'm not using the Malaysian milk tea to do this DIY. Let's not waste the good stuff :) So I'm just using my regular tea bag.


A used tea bag (let's recycle and help the earth .. ha)
Hot water
Paper (I used my normal sketch paper, but I think if you use watercolour paper, it will produce a much better result)


Soak your used tea bag with hot water

Directly stamp the tea bag onto the paper ... go crazy!
You can do vertical or horizontal patterns, or a mix of both just like what I did here.

Let it dry and it's ready for display

Hope you enjoy this DIY. Oh .. by the way this is a photo of someone making "teh tarik" or the Malaysian milk tea I told you about earlier. It's pretty cool isn't it!

Photo Credit: ChuenSing Lor
Are you a tea or a coffee drinker?

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  1. Ha..interesting and easy to make, I'll do it together with the kiddos. I drink both coffee and milk tea. Now, there's no "teh tarik" seller here (at least I haven't found somebody selling it in traditional way like the picture above), so I bought ready to drink / instant "teh tarik" :)

  2. Haha yeka same here. I drink the instant version, although there are some restaurants here that sell the authentic milk tea.

  3. I've heard of that tea! Never tried it, but it sounds delicious. This is a fun project, too!

    I like both coffee and tea, thought I'm trying to keep the pendulum over on the tea side because it's just better for you.

    1. You should definitely try it paige. But some people think it's too sweet. Maybe i just have a really sweet tooth :) glad you enjoy this diy.

  4. Super fun idea!! I drink both tea and coffee. Chai is my favorite!


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