Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Love Limzy. I came across Limzy's work on Facebook. A good friend of mine Kim shared one of Limzy's works on her wall and I was like "Whoaa ...!" (literally) ... I've never seen anything quite like it.

I contacted Limzy and asked for her permission to share her works on this blog .. and she said YES (don't worry there was no ring involved) haha. She's such a sweet and generous gal!

Here are some of Limzy's works. I hope these will inspire you, as much as they have inspired and 'WOW'ed me:

Can you see the "yellow rose" skirt?

Limzy does AMAZING arts as well using food .. Are you drooling already? I think if I could make such things, my toddlers would be better eaters.

1. "First date under The Golden Tree" Made of cornflakes and nutella
2. "Earth's Child". Made of charcoal soba noodles, parsley, thyme, cherry tomato and mushroom sauce
3. "Salad Peacock" Made of purple cabbage and raisins
4. "Cherry Berry" Sakura/cherry blossom and butterfly are made of strawberries (sequel again), branches and chinese ink landscape made of Nutella
5. "Nutty Squirrel" Made of dried longans, rooasted cashew nuts, cinnamon, mini dried mushrooms, red dates, and 'liang teh' grass.
6. "Farmville" Made of all sorts of vegetables

All photos are copyright of Love Limzy (Lim Zhi Wei)


Limzy's real name: Lim Zhi Wei
She's a Malaysian Sabahan visual artist based in Johor Bahru/Singapore who paints murals in rooms and streets, a chameleon, funmaker and a typical Piscean girl. Everyone thought her name was a boy's name, even her teachers! But somehow her friend started to call her name of the first two words, and that's how Limzy came!
Don't forget to like her facebook page or follow her on instagram :)


  1. Drool worthy indeed! The yellow skirt and the squirrel are my favourites :-)

  2. Incredible! Thanks for introducing us to this wonderful artist...I love the rose dress :)

  3. I'm totally WOWed! That first one is amazing! And I love Cherry Berry. Excellent work. I'm definitely a fan!

    1. Yes i was having such a hard time choosing which pictures I should include haha. She has many more arts using flowers on her instagram & facebook.

  4. Wow, her work is really unique and beautiful! I love the peacock!


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