Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Tribal motifs have become such a trend this year... and I have to admit that I was not so keen in the beginning but I've grown fond of it now. So when I spotted a tribal scarf at a local store, I bought it .. (trust me hubsey, it was such a good bargain and the last one in store.)

These are some of my favourite tribal patterns in so many pretty colours and shades:

1. Nail art via Fit is a dream
2. Cushion via Buyer Select
3. Sequin tribal dress via this pin
4. DIY bracelets by Dismount Creative
5. Scarf by Spotted Moth
6. Painted baskets by The Marion House Book

Are you loving the tribal trend?


  1. I love the nails! I'm really liking the tribal trend and am looking for ways to incorporate it into my work. I love tribal feathers!

    1. Can't wait to see how you incorporate that in your work Allison x

  2. Awesome nail art! And I really like those painted baskets.

    1. thanks kim. The painted baskets are indeed so pretty and apparently it's quite easy to diy! I love the nail art too, although my nail painting skill is pretty horrible so I think I'll end up with a mess instead of an art :)

  3. Oh man I wish I could pull that dress off! Gorgeous!

    XOXO/Lena @ RootandBlossom

  4. I'm drawn to neutrals but there is something about bright tribal patterns that makes me uber happy. Just one or two accent pieces makes a huge impact :)
    - V


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