Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I just started following Apartment Therapy blog this year and just found out that they're holding a Room for Color contest every year. Where have I been? Have you heard it before or even entered it?
The good news is that you can enter from August 26 - September 16, 2013 via this link here

I'm still not sure whether or not I should enter. But if I do enter, I would have plenty of tidying up to do ha ..

These were some of the entries from last year: (which I just found this year)

Julie's modern central Asia room
I love how warm and inviting this room looks .. and the fairy lights won my heart :)

Lindsay's Kid friendly, Adult approved Room
This room spells fun (literally!). It's like a very cool sophisticated kid's room.

Suzanne's Color in Harmony room
I love the pendant light, the chair and splashes of book covers colours

Dagny's energetic mix room
Whoever did this was very brave! Very interesting room and use of colours / textures.

Which one is your favourite? Are you going to enter the contest?
See the rest of 2012 entries here

Photos source: Apartment Therapy


  1. When I was moving to my home about two years ago, Apartment Therapy became an addiciton! The third one's my favourite, the other three are a bit too colourfull and unorganised for my taste.

  2. I love browsing Apartment Therapy... but I lose track of a lot of time that way! It would be so much fun to submit something for a contest, but I doubt I'd ever feel like I had a room that was "done" enough! :)

  3. I'll pick the 1st photo as my favorite, you're true the room looks warm. Did I mention that we have same taste of style? :)


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