Monday, August 19, 2013


I'm not sure about you. But pinterest can be so addictive. I remember when I discovered it for the first time in December last year ... (yeah I'm a little late) ... I found so many creative ideas that make me want to head to a craft shop immediately.

Today I want to share three things I recently found and love on Pinterest:


Vanilla ice cream cake with raspberries, pistachios, meringue drops and raspberry sauce
by Call Me Cupcake
Ice cream cake is one of my fave desserts. It's super easy to make and so yummy.
I usually make mine with vanilla ice cream, maltesers and raspberries. So to add pistachios, meringue drops and raspberry sauce like the picture above, would only mean extra yummi-ness.


Blooming Monogram by Urbanic Paper
I love typography and flowers. What's the better way to combine them than in this blooming monogram? But I wish I had green thumbs, so real plants will like me more.
So maybe if I ever make one of these, I may use plastic flowers instead of real ones.


Massive art wall in Loungeroom on the Design Files. Photo by Brooke Holm.
I've been wanting to make an art wall, so I could display my drawings and my kids' artworks. It's pretty amazing how simple drawings or colour blocks can brighten up a space. And the pin-board backing is such a clever idea too!

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  1. I would love to have a big freezer, so I can make an ice cream cake. And I like the floral letter. I would make it with fake flowers too, it would last much longer.

  2. Yep, Pinterest is the best. I call it the black hole, because if I go on there during the workday I always lose an hour of productivity, haha.

    Love the gallery wall!

  3. That ice cream cake looks like one volcano I'd definitely like to taste. Fake flowers would be just as pretty in the monogram. And I love the Art Wall idea with the kiddos' artwork! Good stuff. Gotta love Pinterest!

  4. The ice cream cake looks so yummy!
    And those flowering monograms are so creative!


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