Friday, October 11, 2013


I have a love-hate relationship with Sharpie.

I posted several DIY's using sharpie, like this one and this one, which I loved. But if you also remember a few months ago, my toddlers channeled their creative side by drawing on my sofa using Sharpie fabric marker (... without our permission of course).

After that incident, whenever I see a Sharpie at my house, I'd cringe and quickly put it in a safe place.
However I think I've overcome my fear (or should I say Sharpie-obia) ... and decided to do another DIY using Sharpie.

This time using Sharpie Stained, specially for fabric. So let's stain it with Sharpie Stained ...


My boys have an old shirt that they no longer wear because it has an orange color stain on few parts of the shirt (see the circled parts above).


1. Think about what you're going to draw. You can google it, etc.
For this one, my boys really LOVE transports like cars and trains at the moment. So I thought I would do that to make them happy.

2. You can draw on the shirt using pencil first ... or if you were not sure, you can do a sketch on a piece of paper .. just to sort of plan it. But I was kinda lazy haha .. so I just drew on the shirt directly using Sharpie. I thought it's an old shirt anyway and plus it would be worn by the kids, so sketchy free drawing was what I wanted.

For me, the main purpose was to cover the stain. So I made sure that I also drew on the stained sections.

This is my final design. The roads go everywhere, even to the back of the shirt.

Hope you enjoy this DIY and have a great weekend everybody


  1. Cute idea Mia :)
    I love painting and stamping on fabrics!

  2. Oh my goodness that is so sweet! I bet your son will get lots of attention from other kids in that shirt! Great idea!

  3. I love the little trees and that you drew on one of the sleeves. I bet they want to wear it again now!

  4. Fun! This would be great to do with my nieces and nephews!


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