Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello lovelies,

It seems like ages since I last time wrote here. Things had been a little more hectic than usual lately. My boy little J (who is not so little anymore) is now going to kinder so we're still trying to adjust to his new schedule.

Talking about kinder, I loved every time my boy brought home the artworks he did at school. I still keep all his paintings (mostly only scribbles or dabs of paints) in his little art folder or display them on the fridge.

Does it sound familiar? Yes fridge has been a popular gallery space for almost every family I know. So I'm on the hunt for creative ways to display my kids' artworks, other than on the fridge.

I hope these inspire you as they have inspired me.

Frame them in matching photo frames like a grid

You could paint the frames, use wall decal or washi tape

Believe it or not, these were made from cabinet doors!

Using pant hanger from Ikea

Photocopy your kid's artworks to smaller versions and frame them as one piece

Turn them into real plush toy

Photo source:
1. Laura Winslow Photography
2. Childhood 101
3. I Heart Organizing
4. Apartment Therapy
5. Pure and Noble
6. Merrypad
7. Handmade Charlotte

I've got to say, my fave is the last one. I wish I had one of my childhood drawings turned into real toy.
Which one is your fave?


  1. What a great way to display...I love all of these! the last one is really cool!

  2. Wow ! Some really good ideas there... I have four children and only one fridge to display on...... I love the first photo with all the matching frames.....

  3. The cabinet doors and hangers are clever ideas. And the handmade toy is such a special piece!

  4. Great ideas for displaying art! The pant hanger is my favourite :)

  5. I think it's so sweet when parents display their kids' artwork somewhere other than the fridge. I think the gallery wall in picture #1 is my favorite. :-)

  6. I love the hangers, and I've seen those toys before, what a fabulous idea.

  7. Very cool ideas! I love the pant hangers. And the collage frame!

  8. Great ideas. I have so many hangers in a box. Now I now what to do.


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