Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Hello lovelies,

I hope you are having a fabulous day. Today I want to share with you few things that I'm loving this week not in particular order:


This week, I'm super excited that MossyJojo was featured on Herald Sun Home Magazine on April 5.

Home Magazine is a magazine about home and lifestyle that's inserted in the Herald Sun newspaper (News Corp Australia) every Saturday.

It felt a little scary in the beginning as they had to interview me. But the staff there have been so helpful and it had been a wonderful process altogether. I'm grateful that more people here in Australia can get to know me and MossyJojo.


Who loves instagram?

I'm a newbie in the instagram world. Find me here (www.instagram.com/mossyjojo).
I've had the account for a while, but had not really been active until the past 1-2 weeks. Can you suggest cool Instagrammers I should follow? or find me there and I'll follow you back.

One of my fave Instagrammers is Love Limzy. She's an amazing Malaysian artist, whom I featured on this blog last year. Another one is Heavenly D'lights Melbourne. She's a great baker and is my sister :)

Etsy has also featured some of creative handmakers from different parts of the world (#dayinthelife). It's great to see a peek inside their studio.


My little J is having an Easter holiday. So I just can't wait to go out and play with him and little K .. exploring some of melbourne's attractions. I just hope that the weather will be kinder this weekend. It's been a little wet these days.

Photo source:
Herald Sun Home Magazine by Melissa Hicks Photography
Instagraham cookies by Bakerella
Carlton gardens by That's Melbourne


  1. It must be good to have a sister who's a baker! And congrats on the magazine feature :-)

    1. It is sooo good marieken! :) I get a delicious cake on my birthday every year since she opened her business. The best sister ever :) thanks for the congrats.

  2. Wow congratulations on being featured in the Herald! You deserve it!

    Alas, I'm not an instagrammer...happy discovering to you in that space...I hear it's marvelous!

    1. thanks heaps melissa :) by the way I like your profile photo here .. the one with the balloons. It looks so fun!

  3. Congrats on the feature...that's so exciting!
    Have a great Easter break :)

  4. What wonderful news about being featured in the magazine! I can see how the interview would be daunting but it looks like it ended up so well!


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