Tuesday, May 27, 2014


There are so many toys out there for kids of all ages. Yet, my favourite are educational toys.

I really admire brands like Lego, which is not just fun to play but cultivates creativity.

Today I want to show you some educational toys from etsy. My two boys helped me picked these :)

Family Game by The Enchanted Cupboard
The Enchanted Cupboard does custom dolls and can make them look like your family. So no more fighting over who has which toy. Yay for more peace time!

Alphabet stones by Happy Emotions
These stones are handpainted and come with magnets.
So your little ones can learn about alphabets and words.

Lacing toy by Green Wood LT
Lacing toy helps develop your child's motor skills and would make a great decoration too!

Story stones by Thrive 360 Living
Great prompts for story telling, so you and your kids can make up stories over and over again.

Felt tea set by Felt Food Kids
Believe it or not, my boy chose this tea pot as his favourite! It's hot pink! :)
This tea set would be a great tool for make-believe play.

Do you have a much-loved toy when you were a kid?


  1. Love those alphabet stones. I used to have a knitted dachshund as a kid that a carried with me everywhere. Have a great week Mia!

    1. How cute! hope you have a great week too marieken x

  2. My story Rocks adorable and sweet idea! Thank you for inspiration!


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