Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The World Cup fever gripped people across the globe. I think people would still be talking about it for years to come ... especially about the Germany vs Brazil 7-1 results.

My family are actually not big soccer fans. Did we get up at 4am to watch live soccer match? Nope ... we love our sleep more :)

However, if you and your kids love soccer, this would be a great activity to do together with them. I actually got the idea from watching Play School show on TV. It was a big hit with my kids.

It's pretty self-explanatory. So I didn't take step-by-step pics and because my kids (okay ...myself) got too excited :)

I think face/body paints perhaps would be more suitable. But I just used watercolour paints that I have. It worked out fine. It would also be handy if you have a small ball. We didn't have it. So I scrumpled a piece of paper and made it into a ball shape.

Little K wanted a blue soccer uniform with a dash of yellow around the neck.
So here he was, ready to kick a score!

There you go! A quick and easy activity for all little soccer fans.

Do you watch the World Cup? Which team did you go for?


  1. This is SO cute. Looks like a lot of fun. =0)

  2. Looks like you and your little ones always have lots of fun! I did enjoy the World Cup, although the whole country was pretty bummed we didn't make it to the finals. Just not sure if I would get out of bed for it in the middle of the night :-)

    1. Thanks Marieken :) by the way I have some friends who are big fans of Netherlands soccer team ... and they're not Dutch :)

  3. How cute! Even a non-soccer fan would love this :)

  4. Love the idea! Pinning, sharing on twitter and will share on FB in couple days! ;)


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